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Laugh at 350+ hilarious punchilines in Bernie's Best Jokes from Brighten Press. This kooky cat’s collection of kid-friendly clean jokes has tons of nutty funniness so everybody gets the giggles. Don’t miss the silliness! Includes quirky pictures on every page. Available in Kindle, paperback, and iBook editions.

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The jokes and illustrations below can be found in Bernie's Best Jokes from Brighten Press.

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Is a snail faster without his shell?



Robber joke from Bernie's Best Jokes by J. E. Bright



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Which is the king of school supplies?


  What animal entered the tiger's den and survived? The tiger? Get the giggles at jebright.com! Bernie says: Please explain?  


What kind of dinosaur crashes his car? Tyrannosaurus wrecks! Clean snickers for kids at jebright.com. Bernie says: I'm too scared to laugh.


  Why did the Easter Bunny need a psychiatrist? He was a basket case! Crack up like an egg at jebright.com! Bernie says: It's the stress!  


How does a teacher comfort children who fail their coloring test? She gives them a shoulder to crayon! Laughter is like a hug at jebright.com. Bernie says: Whew! No quizzes for cats.



Why did the chicken cross the road? It was too far to walk around it! Dumb cluck chuckles at jebright.com. Bernie says: It's a thinker!



Where are okay things made? A satisfactory! Get oodles more dumb yuks at jebright.com



What do a dog and a phone have in common? Collar ID! Get gobs more gagworthy groaners at jebright.com!



What did the mama cow say to her calf? It's pasture bedtime! (from Bernie's Best Jokes by J. E. Bright) More ridiculous rib-ticklers at jebright.com. Bernie says: I have six bedtimes!



Where do down-and-out octopuses live? Find out in Bernie's Best Jokes!


  Why did the fly fly away? The spider spied her! Guffaw over nutty bugs at jebright.com. Bernie says: Insects? YUM!  


What did the cat cry when he spent all his money? "I'm so paw!" Get wealthy in wacky wisecracks at jebright.com! Bernie says, "What's money?"



What should you do if you see a spaceman? Park the car, man! Out-of-this-world laughs at jebright.com (Bernie says: Let me drive!



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Sample Spread 18-19 from Bernie's Best Jokes by J. E. Bright


For more than 350 more ridiculous jokes, check out Bernie's Best Jokes from Brighten Press.

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