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A surprisingly sweet review of America's Next Top Model Fierce Guide to Life, from



You Can Be Fierce Without an Obvious Connection to Fashion

Right there on the cover, J. E. Bright is listed as the book's author, and a Google search reveals that he makes his living writing novelizations of kiddie films like Monsters vs. Aliens and Kung Fu Panda. (Awesomely, he also wrote a few Sweet Valley High books under a pseudonym.)

Unless he's secretly Tim Gunn, I don't see a connection between Bright and the model-verse, but that's weirdly appropriate. Divided into handy sections like "exercise," "history of modeling," and "photo shoots," the book is designed to teach newcomers about the ins and outs of the business. It helps, then, that Bright is never elitist. He writes clearly and succinctly, making it easy for neophytes to feel engaged.

--Mark Blankenship,, 4/8/2009




A short but pleasant review of my Monsters vs. Aliens novelization, Top Secret, from School Library Journal:



With a cover that looks like a dossier file, Top Secret presents a streamlined retelling of the entire tale in nine fast-paced, well-written chapters speckled with full-page and spot black-and-white movie images (Gr 2–4).

-- Joy Fleishhacker, School Library Journal, 3/9/2009




Two happy reviews of Follow Your Heart #1: Your Best Friend's Boyfriend that I've found on the web:



"If you like to follow your heart this is the book for you. You choose the path of the story. You go to your brother's soccer game and of course they win. Then your best friend shows you her new boy friend and you start to crush on him. Do you flirt with him and get him? Do you let your best friend have him?. It is your choice. This was a great book because I got to choose what happened."

-- Abbey Leyendecker, from Athena Blogs! 


Choose Carefully!
When you see Mike, the star soccer player on the North Cliff Eagles' team, you feel a instant connection with him. You first spot the hot player when he's playing against your own school's soccer team in a match you went to watch with your friend. But your best friend, Sally, informs you that she has been going out with Mike for a week now.

Later, after the match, the three of you are sitting together, Mike starts flirting with you, even with Sally all over you. You like him a lot, but what should you do? You must make your own choices, and your decisions will take you different places—is your true love Mike? Or will you fall for someone else? Is Mike the one you really like? Maybe you should get to know him more…or should you nab him before he loses interest? Should you tell him how you feel about him? What about Sally? Can you make the right choices?

A great “choose-what-you-want” adventure for girls! Will you find true love? Or will you end up single? Will you ruin your friendship with Sally or stay best buds? You decide—but choose carefully!

P.S. There are a ton of possibilities! I got a happy ending--can you?

-- Dominque, 2006 Demi-Goddess, from


If you see any more happy reviews on the web, or if you write one, let me know, and I'll put it up here!

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